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A historic twelve acre smallholding, Mellowcroft is a mixed-use family farm in rural mid-Wales. From the silver birch woods to the wildflower meadows and freshwater pools, Mellowcroft enjoys unique bio-diversity and agricultural opportunity.

The farm produces traditional hay, eggs, heritage vegetables, trees, herbs, flowers and fruit - as well as keeping bees, sheep and horses.

Alongside agricultural production, environmental stewardship is our goal. The land has an ancient eco-system we aim to cherish and protect.

We hope to share this experience of natural holistic agriculture, by providing free allotments to the local community, fostering social enterprise and by encouraging volunteers to get involved.

Mellowcroft began in 2006, and for more than a decade has served the local community on its journey to become an agriculturally sustainable project.

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Sustainable Farming


Mellowcroft balances environmental stewardship with agricultural production. We see farming as a duty of custodianship within the economic, ecological and community eco-systems.

What We Do

"A truly inspiring and imaginative project"

Kevin McCloud MBE

Social Enterprise

Mellowcroft provides free allotments for the local community, and opens volunteering opportunities to a diverse range of people. Our roadside Produce Trailer helps local growers add value to their garden produce.

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