An ancient Welsh small-holding, nestled beneath the Llandegley rocks of mid-Wales, this land is a haven for wildlife and a pioneering model of small-scale mixed farming.

Mellowcroft farms hay, eggs, timber and trees, herbs and flowers, fruit and veg. We are small-scale and mixed use, and sell our produce in our roadside trailer.


Since Mellowcroft’s 12 acres were liberated from intensive sheep farming and the over-growth of invasive species,this land has enjoyed a renaissance in bio-diversity. The soil can breathe, the plant life has diversified and the wild-life thrives. Conservation here is a visible living act of natural heritage, in harmony with agriculture.


Our friends of Mellowcroft scheme provides financial support for our social enterprise policy and materials for conservation projects. These funds are vital for the sustainability and realisation of our philosophies.


Mellowcroft also presents an opportunity for individuals and groups to volunteer, and to leave their mark and be a part of the evolution of the farm.


If you would like to volunteer, see membership to learn how this can work.

“This smallholding model, applied with sensitivity and knowledge of the local ecology, will encourage the existing biodiversity, and could act as a model for similar land use.”
Dr J Botting MA (Hons) Cantab. PHD

Read our habitat survey by Professor J Botting (PDF)

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Our Aims

  1. To maintain agricultural viability through sustainable farming practices.
  2. To support and cherish the bio-diversity of the land.
  3. To act as a social enterprise, to facilitate volunteers and support our members’ agricultural projects.
  4. To provide economic and cultural benefits for the local community.
  5. To be autonomously funded, free of centralized grants and funds, through our Membership scheme.