Sustainability is of utmost importance to our model of land use. With our varied and small-scale product range, we are able to achieve agricultural viability whilst protecting and enhancing the conservation of the land.

We practise observation-based farming, producing veg, plants, flowers, herbs and trees, as well as value-added products like chutneys and jams, which we sell through our roadside trailer.

Mixed production includes quality traditional hay, and also care for our animals – horses, sheep and bees.


Ellie’s crop of Desiree potatoes

The Ridged Wildflower Meadows

Ancient Welsh ploughing techniques caused a distinctive ‘ridge-and-furrow’ to form the agricultural landscape. Different elevations supported different crops, promoting bio-diversity, irrigation and natural pest-control. Mellowcroft has reinstated its ancient cultivation-ridges, and hopes to provide a clear example of the benefits of this tradition.

Since being rescued from overgrazing, the meadows of Mellowcroft are now rich with grasses, orchids and other wildflowers, as well as a thriving insect population which supports birdlife and small mammals. The speed of the land’s transformation – from scrub moorland to lush meadow – has been miraculous and inspiring.

small-mellow tuesday-08905

post and rail fencing guards the wildflower ridges


Our heritage range of herbs, plants, trees and flowers are increasing bio-diversity and generating a sustainable income.

small-mellow tuesday-08937

giant sunflowers

small-mellow tuesday-08926

White Alpine strawberry plants

The Roadside produce trailer

A much-needed local community resource. A unique point of sale for our own and other local growers’ produce.


Keeping produce well watered


A lay-by on the A44

Willow and hazel Coppicing

We provide willow sticks for fencing, willow whips for creating living willow structures, and wood for bio-fuel. Our hazel make pilgrim staffs for the British Pilgrimage Trust.

small-mellow tuesday-08948



Our hives are made of cedar, and according to our expert beekeeper Clive, contain “the gentlest bees I’ve ever seen”.



Re-Foresting the Land

Finishing years of observation and expert consultation we have carefully planted thousands of trees at Mellowcroft, native fruit and nut varieties, as well as Welsh oak, hazel and other broadleafs.



The Free Allotments

These allotments are available for local people to grow fruit and vegetables. We also welcome charity and community groups to adopt an allotment and discover the benefits of horticulture.

DSC_0750The Freshwater Pools

Fed by our freshwater spring, Mellowcroft’s two pools have distinct purposes – one is for fish, the other is for native wetland wildlife. This division of waters is a great success, the lower pond being a valuable home for smooth newts, frogs and dragonflies, and the upper pool as a habitat for Koi carp.


The Wildlife

In a local landscape mostly dominated by intensive sheep-grazing, Mellowcroft’s twelve acres provide a vital habitat opportunity for Powys’ wildlife. We are happy and proud to be doing our part.