This is the jewel of Mellowcroft. For creative inspiration, teaching, sharing, workshops, music, meditation and art, this hexagonal building is the perfect space. The Classroom is designed to provide community education groups in Radnorshire (and the UK) with a uniquely beautiful and low-cost venue.

Variously described as a Hansel and Gretel house…a cake…and a fortress, this is the jewel of Mellowcroft, a truly unique eco-structure.


From the first pegged string on the floor, to the mounting of the finial, the Classroom has taken nearly a year and a half to build. An accident with string and batons, this organic structure seemed to build itself. Constructed by Mellowcroft’s friends, with help from the local community, the Classroom is the fruit of many people’s dedication and love.

Stood on stilts, on the edge of pine woods beside a stream, this hexagonal structure is made of ten tons of local Western Redwood Cedar. The wood was milled onsite, for the outer boarding, for the roof shingles, and for many other uses throughout. The interior is lit and coloured by twenty-four panels of Yemenese stained glass, throwing vivid hues to the inlaid pitch-pine floor.

Using as much reclaimed and recycled material as possible, this structure will make you question your pre-conceptions about what a low-impact building can achieve. Its location is stunning, its balcony gazing out to sunset on Llandegley Rocks. The astounding acoustics of its forty-five degree roof mean music events need no amplification. A drop-down wall converts into an outdoor stage. The possibilities for this space are open to the imagination.

It is designed for workshops and group events, such as yoga, dance, bushcraft, music, theatre, and all forms of teaching and sharing. It can accommodate up to eighty people.

The Classroom aims to provide a beautiful and low-cost setting for good events, to meet the needs of the local and national arts and educational community.

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